Looking back

A look back.

Here are some pictures I’ve featured before.  If you click on each, it gives a bit more information about the picture in the title.

In the spirit of the new year, I’ve changed the way comments are entered – added a box to include your name and email.  Once you’ve added it the first time and I’ve confirmed it as a real person, your posts will appear immediately in future posts.  I’m hoping this will encourage you all to comment and add your thoughts to any posts throughout the next year.




5 thoughts on “Looking back

  • Thanks! Can’t wait to get started again. As soon as its a bit warmer, we will be finishing those floors and starting to tackle the lath and plaster!

  • Thanks Mike! We are anxious to get back up there regularly. Right now we make it up every so often to take a look at that roof – hoping it holds till spring. Thanks for stopping by – let us know if you find anything about the road or discover new pictures. We always want to discover more about the school.

  • Congrats to all your progress so far. I’m the guy who mowed the yard and trimmed some trees 2 years ago to try to slow the vandalism. I stopped by the school today. Compared to last year at this time, it looks so nice. I am going to figure out where the original road was, because those great pictures you posted don’t even show a road, it must have been further south. Again, congrats, hope to see you this spring.

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