Memorial DAY – It’s all Ours!

Closing Day – the goal was Memorial Day, and we made it – just barely!  I picked up Sandra and we went together.  Talked about the good times she had growing up with the school and the great future we both foresaw for it now.  How did we get from the finding to this place?  Stay tuned, and I will fill in the details as to how we got here.0323141327a (2)

…in the beginning

It all started with an evening at home, bored with TV and my book, roaming around on the internet browsing real estate finds.  A jotted down address, a casual mention of it to Kevin with a reply of ‘well lets go out and look’.  An hour long Sunday drive, coming over the hill and around the curve past the lake, the disappointment in the house we were looking for and the moment the angels started singing and the sun came out when we looked down the road and both said ‘What is THAT?” THAT was this, the Bass Lake Schoolhouse, inhabited as a school from 1904 – 1944.  Currently searching for someone, us, to find it, love it, save it.  This blog, then, is about that.