Pears and Bears and a Missing Tree

Every have one of those weekends where you have tons to do, you actually feel like you were busy all weekend, but in the end, it’s just a scattered bit of things you’ve accomplished?  That was the last few days at the schoolhouse.  We brought a crew with us – Kevin’s kids – for camping…

The crew at the fire…and immediately got to work.  The boys worked on creating a sleeping oasis, the girls started in on some refreshing of the paint jobs.







After being away for a few weeks, the yard needed some attention, but we found we have rasberries! (ok, maybe we only have 1 raspberry) and a pear tree!



…and a missing tree….   0803140810d

gone without a trace.  Anyone finding a misplaced pine tree, about 20 ft tall, let us know.

On Sunday, we began some structural work to shore up the bell tower, starting in the basement.  Here’s where they jackhammered out the old concrete for a new footing.









Last but not least, and no picture to back it up, but while out traversing the Barrens, we saw a black bear.  He was moving too fast to snap a picture, but we are looking forward to doing that someday…hopefully from the Inside of the schoolhouse.



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