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Month: September 2014

What a Weekend!

It was the most beautiful weather imaginable!  80 degrees, light breeze, bountiful sunshine, and the trees were in fabulous color!09271418190927140746
 But that was only the beginning.
River Road Ramble, the 9th edition, officially started at 9am on Saturday, but cars started rolling in at 7:45…
From then on, it was a steady stream of neighbors, sight seers, shoppers and students.  We met so many people who had driven by for years and always wondered what it looked like inside.  We met students, and children of students and grandchildren of students.  We met one of the old fire-keepers…his job was to keep the fires lit and the school warm in the early 40’s.  We hardly stopped to take pictures, but snapped a few here and there.
Some of the sale items...lots left for new homes.
Some of the sale items…lots left for new homes.
Most people stopped to see the school – here some are taking pictures of the school while I was taking pictures of them.
 Inside we showed off a few of the schoolhouse treasures of the desk, hand-held tablets (the original iPad?) and schoolbooks.
 The pictures from long ago also sparked tons of great discussions.  One couple found their grandmother in a picture from 1925 – they’d never seen her at that age before (sending you photos!)
Bass Lake School from Louise Swenson
 Evening fell, the guest book was full, we were happy but tired, and have never felt more a part of this great community.  Our wonderful neighbors came over to enjoy a little bit of chili (next time we will make more!)
0927141834Had some great laughs and made a few more memories.  (Sorry – can’t share all……what’s shared at Campfire stays at Campfire).  For everyone else, come on up some weekend and share a marshmallow with us.  We can’t wait for our next opportunity to be at the school.
A HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to visit!  We will never forget it and look forward to seeing you all in class next time you’re in the area!

Sprucing Up

What a great weekend!  But then again, they are all great weekends up here at the school.  We recruited my Mom and Dad to work…er….camp with us a couple of days.  Of course, they were more than willing to pitch in.  It’s something about the school that makes you want to be a part of it all.

0920141009cDad and Kevin started on shoring up the foundation under the bell tower, a process that involved one man digging and handing buckets out the window, another dumping into the wheelbarrow and hauling off.

Mom and I focused on the outside, devising a better step system for the tall school steps, doing some weeding, planting and cleaning in prep for the Ramble next week. 0920141009We’ve added a handrail too – makes it just a bit easier to get to your seat on time.

0921141800 Of course, it’s never all just work.  There was listening to the ball game (Go Big Red!), campfire cooking – no, this isn’t a marshmallow…look closer, it’s an egg.  Interesting experiment…

0920140854and best of all, spent a beautiful Wisconsin Sunday morning doing a little fishing.

0921141112 Last but not least, don’t forget to come out and visit next Saturday.  Sale outside, tour the one room schoolhouse inside (it doesn’t take long).  Cookies and conversation and coffee free!

River Road Ramble


September 23, 2014

9:00 – 5:00pm

2509 270th Street, Cushing, Wisconsin

West of the corner of Hwy 87 and 270th, north of Cushing about 3 miles.

Check out : for more information about the Ramble!

Join Us on the River Road Ramble!

0627142116bLooking for something to do in couple of weeks, when the leaves are at their peak of beauty, the air is getting that fall snap, and you’re itching for a drive in the country?

Save-the-Date!   Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Bass Lake School will be just one stop on the

Ninth Annual River Road Ramble

We will be part of the Tour of the Oldest Road in Northwest Wisconsin along the beautiful Saint Croix River Valley. There will be plenty of historical stops, some sales (we will be having one of those too!) and lots of great sites.

We are sprucing up the school and hope to have many former students and families of students stop by and say hello.

For Google-mappers, the official address is 2509 270th Street, Cushing, WI.  For those land navigators, head north out of St. Croix Falls or south out of Grantsburg on Hwy 87.  Bass Lake School is about halfway in-between, about 3 miles north of Cushing.

Hope to see you there!



What is already lost

We took the time last weekend to do some searching for some of the other school sites in the area.  When country schools were the norm, they had to be within walking distance (you know, 5 miles, up-hill, both ways).  The historical societies have done a great job in this state of marking the old schools.  Here are a few we found just a half an hour from our Bass Lake.

0831141007 0831141009


What they all had in common was that they weren’t there anymore.  There are others that have been restored as homes, churches, lumber yards and storage garages, but seeing these three not be there reinforced for us how important it is for us to save the one we have.  We are so lucky to get the opportunity.




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