What a Weekend!

It was the most beautiful weather imaginable!  80 degrees, light breeze, bountiful sunshine, and the trees were in fabulous color!09271418190927140746
 But that was only the beginning.
River Road Ramble, the 9th edition, officially started at 9am on Saturday, but cars started rolling in at 7:45…
From then on, it was a steady stream of neighbors, sight seers, shoppers and students.  We met so many people who had driven by for years and always wondered what it looked like inside.  We met students, and children of students and grandchildren of students.  We met one of the old fire-keepers…his job was to keep the fires lit and the school warm in the early 40’s.  We hardly stopped to take pictures, but snapped a few here and there.
Some of the sale items...lots left for new homes.
Some of the sale items…lots left for new homes.
Most people stopped to see the school – here some are taking pictures of the school while I was taking pictures of them.
 Inside we showed off a few of the schoolhouse treasures of the desk, hand-held tablets (the original iPad?) and schoolbooks.
 The pictures from long ago also sparked tons of great discussions.  One couple found their grandmother in a picture from 1925 – they’d never seen her at that age before (sending you photos!)
Bass Lake School from Louise Swenson
 Evening fell, the guest book was full, we were happy but tired, and have never felt more a part of this great community.  Our wonderful neighbors came over to enjoy a little bit of chili (next time we will make more!)
0927141834Had some great laughs and made a few more memories.  (Sorry – can’t share all……what’s shared at Campfire stays at Campfire).  For everyone else, come on up some weekend and share a marshmallow with us.  We can’t wait for our next opportunity to be at the school.
A HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to visit!  We will never forget it and look forward to seeing you all in class next time you’re in the area!

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