Fall Sweep

As much as I really don’t want it to, the time to do some final prep for fall has inevitably come.  But if it must, today was as good of a beautiful fall day in Wisconsin as you could ask for.  For example, if I have to spend the morning with the chainsaw and loppers clearing the deadfall on the side of the school, at least I can appreciate the beautiful maples turning golden around me.

But in doing some land clearing, I discovered we had our first garden crop and didn’t even know it.  One cute little baby corn was growing in the back forty.  I wonder if I could make a meal out of this?

In a surprise move, my day-lilly decided to provide a bonus bloom to celebrate the Indian summer.








But alas, all good things must come to an end, and the clouds gathered and the raindrops flew.  I made the best of it for awhile, moving inside to do some therapeutic sawing (yes, that is a thing!)  Here I’m even recycling some cast off boards into supports.  Always looking to save some dough.  Eventually, I threw in the towel (but not the saw, that would be bad).  A shower, some of Kevin’s specialty White Chili, a good night hanging with my parents, even if my Huskers didn’t do so good this week.

I’ll leave you with my latest find, a little zen butterfly windmill.  So relaxing.  Maybe I can install this in the living room.

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