School. A good foundation.

We’ve been so busy the last few weeks I didn’t take time to update you on all the work that has been going on – my apologies!  Between feeling under the weather and real jobs and rain (and snow!!), we let none of that slow us down.  Any free moment we dedicated to moving ahead.

First, the new electric panel is installed. Coming soon, the outside wires get buried, eliminating the pesky problem of hitting them when moving campers around.

I left you with a glimpse of the basement work we started – well, we rocked that.  Or maybe dug, graded, trenched and pea gravelled is more accurate.  I’m pretty sure the inventors of the tiller didn’t imagine that the basement would be where it was ever used, but it came in handy breaking up some very hard clay.  (Thank you Fredrick Hardware for the loan) 

It’s looking pretty good now.


Fortunately all the dirt we removed didn’t go to waste.  Being nice solid, heavy, thick, wet clay, it made for a great filler for the outside of the school where we need to get the grade sloping away from the foundation.  Is it just me, or does this feel a little like cutting the foot off the blanket and sewing it onto the head?








It’s a muddy mess right now, but I keep telling my self ‘work-in-progress, work-in-progress’.


Pea gravel, you say?  Here’s before and after, 1 shovelful at a time.  At least it wasn’t raining (much).




(OK, so I didn’t get rid of the whole pile, but in my defense, it was a BIG pile).

And of course, out with the new, in with the..wait…why are my brand new stairs missing??  They had to come out temporarily in prep for the new floor.  That’ll be next time – I’ve never been this excited about concrete in my life.  Stay tuned.

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