Springing into Work

Spring has arrived (I think) and we are making some progress. Being home more right now gave us the opportunity to get a little creative. We had 3 doors that were original to the school. We’ve been noodling over how to reuse them since the beginning.

So thinking about what else we needed in the house, it occurred to us that we didn’t have bathroom or bedroom doors yet! (Ah-Ha! How could we have missed that detail???). The problem was, the doors are regular door height, where the door openings that we made were 9′. Yes, we did that to ourselves and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

This is where having a bit of extra time on our hands came in handy. What Kevin came up with was a Frankenstein door! He took 1 and 1/2 a door, and made one giant, beautiful slider door. It looks fantastic!

The other half of the door wasn’t in as good of shape, so if you have a door that looks like ours sitting in your back shed, let me know!! Just needs to be 32″ wide.

As for the kitchen cabinets I mentioned last time, we’ve got (some) of them here! Kevin put them in their places more or less, but we’re waiting for the rest to arrive to really put them in place. There’s gonna be a whole lotta staining going on over the next month.

As always, our good neighbors lent a hand (pre-social distancing!)

Last but not least, we want to introduce you to the new schoolhouse teacher. Her name is Ms Betty White, because she is smart, funny and a Golden Girl. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future 🙂

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