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Month: September 2015

Spit Shine before the Party

Company is coming, company is coming!  Next weekend, Saturday to be exact, the River Road Ramble will be coming to schoolhouse, so it’s time to get ‘er cleaned up for visitors.

10th Annual River Road Ramble

Hwy 87, north out of St. Croix Falls.  Bass Lake School is located about 3 miles north of Cushing on 87.

Stop in St Croix Falls(junction of Hwy 8 and Hwy 35 9-5) at the Polk County Visitor Center and pick up a packet of  information.



Have you ever bought – AND USED ALL OF – a full gallon jug of Pine Sol?  I have.  Plus a equally large size of Windex.  But look at those windows!

Clean Windows

(Maybe don’t look too close – they were really dirty…).

But the floors are clean(er) and they smell better too.  We started laying out some potential walls and beams on the floor.  Not nailed down, because I’m sure they will be moving a few more times as we adjust and come up with better ideas.  I’ll leave them on the floor for you to come and give me YOUR thoughts.

walls and floors










Weekends at the school end a little cleaner (the school), a little dirtier (me) and looking forward to next weekend.  We will have the school open for visitors, plus a little sale to get rid of some odds and ends.  It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend, come out for a drive and see the beautiful fall colors and enjoy views like this and join us for a little campfire and star gazing!


Happy Labor Day and good bye to Summer!

Ah, summer.  Your hot drippy days, I will miss you (maybe just a little).  This was an odds and ends kinda weekend.  The last of the lath and plaster is now out in the dumpster (HOORAY!!).

End of Plaster

The wiring got moved to a little bit more convenient spot – if more convenient means not every wire hanging in the middle of the schoolhouse.

Moving wiring










Unfortunately, all that moving and a shaking has done something to our well, which,well, now isn’t bringing us fresh and lovely water.  A call to the expert is in order.

We also swept, and swept, and swept the basement until we could find the floor again.  But my question is – how did this little guy get down there??Basement Frog









But Labor Day weekend wasn’t all about labor.  I sat and read a good book (which was found in the school)…A good book



And of course, watched the first Nebraska Cornhusker game of the year!  Go Big Red! (we will get ’em next time!!)

Husker Flag

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