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Month: September 2016

Another Successful Ramble

Another great weekend at the school and another Ramble under our belt!  Sometimes I wonder if the original builders of the school would find it amazing how it has transformed through the years.  But this week, it served us well as showhouse, emergency rain shelter (fortunately we dodged that bullet once again) and backdrop for a sale ~ or as I like to call it ~ our chance to make room in our storage container!

Sale 2016

This year, I didn’t think we would have much to sell. But like our tradition of buying Halloween candy and hiding it from ourselves throughout the house all October long, once we started pulling stuff out of all the nooks and crannies, we came up with quite a lot.  On top of that, Mom and Dad contributed some great antiques and extras of their own.

We had our Consessionairess to sell snacks again, and warm coffee was NICE!  We had to try a couple different location to get one that people could see AND was warm enough to tolerate.  The back of the trailer came in perfect!Cookies and coffee





We loved all the people who stopped by to take a look, say hello and browse around.  We even had a community vote on ‘Best Roof Color’.  Since we can’t seem to make up our mind, we decided our neighbors should get to have a say in the matter.  It looks ~ much like the current presidential race ~ that it’s down to two final contenders!

Roof vote






We got a few knowledgeable people to lend some advice on the tuck-pointing saga and the ever present question ‘how to best hold up the roof??’  We depend on the smarts of our neighbors!

As we wrapped up for the evening, we had one final visitor.  We have named her Gary.  Why not?


What’s next?  Hoping to finalize the plan to sturdy up that ceiling, replace the roof and start with the Putting Back In phase.  Very exciting!

River Road Ramble 2016

Come see us at the

River Road Ramble

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 23rd, 2016, 9am to 5pm.

The weather is going to be nice, the trees are starting to turn color, and it’s going to be a great day for a drive in the St. Croix Valley.  Stop by, check out the school house, vote on your favorite roof and bell tower color, and see if there are some treasures at the sale you are dying to own for yourself!  We would love to see you!



Spit Shine

It’s that time again – getting ready for the River Road Ramble once again!  The Ramble is a once a year historical tour and opportunity to get some great values at the sales across the area.  Of course, we have both!

Here’s the link for the map of sites and sales.


We are planning having our pictures up from days of the school past, plus the drawing of what we are hoping it will eventually look like (next year??), plus LOTS of stuff for sale – from construction items to household to treasures from down on the farm.  Come take a look, stop and chat, and enjoy a snack from our happy cookie seller (Grace).

So to prep, we did a little light mowing….Light mowing

And cleaned up the volunteer garden in the basement….Basement mushroom

Straightened the new ‘work from home’ office space… Home office





And we are as ready as we are going to be!

For a bit of diversion, we headed to Grantsburg for a little fair time.  Much to my surprise, all those hours of bending nails paid off and I ended up wining the Women’s Nail Pounding Contest!  If you stop by, I’ll show you the pink tiara I’m now entitled to wear!

Hammering contest







Anyway – enough about me ~ come out and see us this Saturday !!!


Schoolhouse in July

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