It FEELS like spring out there, with weather in the 50’s and better all week.  By the fisherman’s standards though we are not quite there yet I guess.  These brave guys are still out there – maybe they are hoping their trucks also serve as life rafts!(This nervous Nelly couldn’t do it, just sayin’.)

But because it was good weather, and because we couldn’t wait any longer – it was just time to get the ball rolling.  No better time than the present!

First things first, shoring up that belltower.  It’s already caused me 3 years of sleepless nights (OK well, maybe restless nights, let’s not get too carried away).  But before we started doing any foundation work, I wanted to make sure it didn’t end up in a rubble heap IN the foundation.

Brave Kevin got up on the ladder to do some initial measurements.









Then, like magic, up went the first of the supporting beams.  This is looking a lot more sturdy than what was there before, and I’m feeling a whole lot better.  Granted, they’re still just supported with 2×4’s, but that will get fixed soon enough.

Before = no beams

After = beams!

Next, on what started to be a pleasant holiday Monday morning, the backhoe arrived to install the new septic tank.  A little bit of digging ensued (thank goodness for backhoes is all I can say.)  Despite what the picture implies ~ Kevin did NOT do all that himself, although he always says the world needs ditch diggers too. 

The new tank was dropped into place, seen here for the last time ever.

As the trucks pulled out just before noon, the rain started.  And we learned later at the City board meeting that road restrictions also started at noon, so we got that in just in the nick of time!  I’ve never been this excited about a sewage system in my life.

What’s next.  Wait and see…it will depend a lot on the next snow storm coming in, but never fear, more is coming and I can’t wait!