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Month: August 2016

Flag Raised

Rainy weekend, but all is not lost. Between hiding in the camper during rain showers, we did manage to get a few things done.

First things first, we raised the flag.

Flag, oneFlag twoFlag FourFlag three

We also got creative in harvesting our pear bounty.  Last year, total pear count was 1.  This year, each branch higher than 10 foot had at least 6 pears each.  Kevin rigged up a ‘pear picker’ from a paint roller extender and cup – worked fantastically!  I love multi-tasking tools!

Pear picking

Discovered that the fence at the border of the schoolyard has been there a llooonnnnggg time…


Inside the school, we did a little makeshift temporary work to make life a little easier.  Never underestimate the power of a convenient light switch in the middle of a night, when you’re making that midnight run….Temp switches

Raising the Flag (pole)

What a fantastic weekend!  The weather was beautiful, the mosquitoes were slightly less than their normally obnoxious selves, and we spent another a wonderful weekend at the schoolhouse.

The best improvement was getting the old flagpole back into place in front of the school.  If you were curious – it is very heavy.  But it looks so right, right here.  Coming soon…a flag, of course.


Next, it was time to apply ourselves to our schoolwork and finish the dismantling of the chimney on the main floor.  Here is start and finish of that project for this weekend.

Half way done    after

I don’t usually do product placement here – but for those of you who know my skill with a hammer, this little device was a life (finger) saver, many many times over.  It’s just a little plastic disk that fits over the chisel, but if ever I was in love with a tool, this is is.

Finger saver

And last but not least, we would like to introduce the newest pupil at schoolhouse.  This is Jax, a rescue dog who is now part of our forever family.  Welcome Jax – you move to the head of the class!


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