As you know, all along I’ve been hoping for some buried treasure.  A long hidden retirement stash, maybe stock papers for a multi-million dollar operation, something like that.  I’d even be happy with a small pile of gold coins.  Ah, but we don’t always get what we want, as the story goes.  We did find something, and it was buried, but gold coins it was not.

What is it?  Pantyhose. Yes, pantyhose.  Buried under the concrete in the basement.  OBVIOUSLY, my first thought was “I hope there isn’t a body attached to these!”  Fortunately, no bodies.  Just lots of pantyhose.  And acorns. Hmm.  As we removed more concrete, it became apparent that my treasure hoarder is a chipmunk with a love of tunnels and ladies underthings!

Nuts galore!

Chipmunk racetrack

His route was very impressive.



Beyond that, you might have guessed, the work of the last few weeks has been in the basement.  We have the floor supports replaced.  Good thing too – here’s a section on one…this holey, rotted piece was all that was holding up 1/6th of the floor.

To date, we have about 2/3 of the concrete up and out, bucket by bucket.  It’s looking a bit different down there.


We even got some help from Grace last weekend. 






But her bigger contribution was with her great eye.  I believe Bass Lake School has it’s own budding Ansel Adams.  She has a great sense of composition and perspective.  I’ll end with a sample of the school from her view:

Thanks Grace – we love them!