How does that phrase go?  Something about the best laid plans?  It seems our ideas about how much time we would have to put towards school projects is in direct conflict to the actual time we have available this summer.  Not that we have anyone to blame but ourselves, but it seems we are always running.  Maybe it’s just the frenzied pace of early summer – so much to do!

It’s not as though we aren’t getting some progress made.  Look – walls!  beadboard wallsAfter much trial and error, we came up with what we believe is the perfect combination of stains and tinted polyurethane to match 100 year old wood.  So far, so good.  I am a little concerned that it is a 5-step process we’ve created to get this look.  Well – I suppose we got nothing but time, right?  Chicago seems to think it’s perfect just the way it sleeping








One fine summer day we took these ingredients….well cleaning ingredients





and learned the in’s and out’s of well disinfecting.  We only panicked once (ok twice) when we lost all water pressure and foam started appearing in places where foam shouldn’t be.  Here Kevin is keeping close tabs on the progress using a handy sun mirror flashlight.well flashlight

Of course, sometimes summer means just watching the weather.  One minute it’s too hot to go outside, but the moment I put the dogs in the yard, I hear barking because it looks like this and they are getting rained on.  rain at the schoolBut rain makes the grass grow, so evening comes, with all the promise of fires and smore’s, and some time just relaxing (and yes, I did get the grass mowed.)

mowed grass






Next post, I promise we will have more done towards those big ideas (even if it is just more windows).  Maybe I’ll even do a little research on how to make wheat beer (don’t tell Farmer Jimmy!).