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Month: October 2016

Season end; chapter beginning

Although it saddens me to say so, the proof that the season is ending is all around.  The leaves are already thick around the school.Leaves are Thick

Farmer George is hard at work bringing in the corn.Corn Harvest






The dogs no longer join us around the yard, preferring instead to hang out in the truck and hope to drive somewhere warmer.

Jax in the Van









So I have to relent: it is time to tighten up the seals and bring in the flag for the season.

But with the end of the season comes the beginning of a new chapter too.  One of the most frequent questions we get is ‘Do you plan on living in the school someday?’  To which the answer has always been “Yes, someday.”  But to make that happen, we have to make some big changes.  Kevin found a good job nearby and moved up last spring.  Now it’s my turn.  And thanks to the generosity of mom and dad, we will be leaving our ties to ‘the big city’ and living nearby for the winter, saving up money for some big changes come spring.  Scary and exciting, all rolled up in one!

So one last sunset of the fall, and the schoolday is over.  (But don’t think I’m done here ~ check back soon; being closer, I’m sure we will find some winter fun to share with you all!)

Schoolhouse Sunset

Schoolhouse Soap Opera?

As the year winds to a close, I’ve thought about how to spice up the posts.  So naturally, a soap opera came to mind!  All I need is some are some interesting characters, some drama, mystery and plot twists, right?  Let’s see what I can come up with:

The one that pops in my mind right away is of course, the eternal question: Corn or Beans?  What will Farmer George plan next year?  CornWill the family veto the old standbys in favor of something more exotic?  Is there a market for rutabega?

Is there sabotage at the school?  Who was devious enough to tear down the shelf-o-old-boards?  And why?  What kind of cruel plot is afoot?  Shelf-o-boards

How about a financial crisis?  Will there be enough money from last weeks Ramble sale to complete the new shed?  Or will we have to sell the future contents of the shed to pay the piper?storage shed

And what of the schoolhouse?  How can it ever be complete without a bell?  Will this be the one?  What deal can we make with the current owners to put this in it’s rightful place of glory? At what cost? Bell







Will Kevin and Boo ever mow their way free of the future garden patch? Kevin mowingWhat about the field beyond Kevin?  What evil does the mysterious Jimmy have in mind for the new fields?  Suburban oasis?  Skyscrapers?  Rutabegas?

Last, a plot twist!  Was it murder?  A suspicious accident?  Or something more nefarious?  Racoons

Only time will tell!

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