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Month: May 2018

One New Room

Following in the footsteps of the weather that raced from winter to full-on summer in about a week,

April 15th!!!  

….we jumped from windows to a real-life room…the first actual room to be added upstairs.  And what better room to start with than the bathroom.In an attempt to save costs and maximize room in the rest of the school, we have kept this space tight.  It’s about 6 x 10″, but with 12′ ceilings, doesn’t feel too cramped.  We added a vanity (yet to be finished), a window or three of course, and the rough in for a shower.
Getting the look and feel has been slow going.  We want to have all the modern comforts (within budget) but still retain a feel that makes you think ‘schoolhouse’, even while singing in the shower.  We are repurposing the original beadboard from the front entrance as trim on one wall.  It’s in pretty rough shape, but some elbow grease, scrubbing, sanding, stain touch-up and polyurethane and it may not look good as new, but certainly respectable, in a still-has-a-story-to-tell way.   We’ve also been working on matching the stain from the original woodwork to be applied to the trim.  It’s proving more challenging than we expected….2 year old pine just doesn’t act like 100 year old pine.
Of course, what weekend wouldn’t be complete without some additional window work.  
Last but not least, we had extra help this weekend – Chicago supervised and ran the boombox.  He prefers jazz, but settled for country this weekend.

Happy Memorial Day to you all!

Not to be redundant….


I feel like a theme is happening here, and it all has to do with windows, windows and more windows. THE PLAN, as we thought it through last fall, was to save up money this winter, then start ordering a couple windows at a time, and when they showed up, order a couple more and install what we had. Less of a hit to the budget that way.  But we hit a budget problem – our budget of time!

January we were on track, and despite the cold we got the west windows in on a relatively warm 30 degree day, and again in February for a couple on the north. But then the temperature dropped. Normal people would probably have held off on the ordering more windows part of this plan, but we’re not that. So we continued to order windows, telling ourselves “we will catch up!”.


Fast forward to now, May already. We are about 8 windows behind! But the delay hasn’t been for nothing. Along the way we learned that painting them before installing makes a lot of sense, and that sills are easier to replace now than waiting until after we have the new windows in. So at least we are getting smarter.

The weather is turning warmer (finally!) and sprouts are sprouting. Take a close look at the windows above.  Can you see the difference?  Hint – it’s not the color.  And it’s a nice improvement to the light inside.  The view is fabulous, as Farmer Jimmy plants and the eternal question – corn or beans – is the talk of the schoolhouse yard once again.

Is that a dinosaur out there????

Now that we’ve started down this window-filled road we have to get it finished, and I’m hoping you’ll stick with us until then. Here’s hoping Jun will give us something else to talk about!

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