Snow trees

Ah, the dark of winter.  Time passes slowly, waiting for the warm winds of spring to find us again.  But until then, we make sure the school isn’t lonely, stop by to see if we are still winning the war on Racoons (winning), Chipmunks (losing) and Deer (the polls aren’t in yet, but one apple tree cage keeps falling over, for no apparent reason.  I think it’s a deer secret attack).

No new progress, other than time not spent working on the physical schoolhouse is spent on the virtual one.  The bathroom has once again moved to another section of the school, and our plan for supporting that saggy ceiling has been re-re-modified.  I’m hoping by spring these things will stop moving around so much.

In the meantime, here are some new pictures – just a peaceful schoolhouse, waiting for her kids to return.


Outhouse in the Woods  Ice tree