The rebirth of a country school

Month: March 2017

A good foundation

Work continued this weekend in the basement.  The hundred year old support beams were sagging mightily.  After a lot of prepping, sore muscles and dust, 1/2 of the beams are in!






I also made some progress on the precarious chimney.  I believe I have it to the state where a jackhammer might take care of the rest.

We had some interesting finds as well.  I think this may be a damper handle for an old stove (anyone want to offer other ideas?)  I’m currently brainstorming ideas to reinvent it  into some other clever usage – taking suggestions on that as well.  

Found a few furry finds as well…this guy was hiding behind some old boards.  He took a few turns around the basement before finding his way upstairs and out the door.

And you might think this is simply a small hole under the front door (as we did).  Turns out this is the superhighway for Chippy the Chipmunk.  I didn’t get a picture, but he has very little fear and visited us several times in the course of our days.  Gonna have to put ‘door repair’ on the list.  Or alternatively, ‘Chipmunk Training Class’.

Three years ago….

Hard to believe, but it was 3 years ago today that we first laid eyes on our little schoolhouse.  Love at first sight for me for sure.  For Kevin, it was probably closer to like-at-first-sight, but he’s come around.    He’s always the sensible one who saw it for what was under the dust – a hidden gem that needed a lot of work.  Well, he was right on both counts.  We’ve seen a lot of dust and dirt, and have had a lot of fun and campfires.  This year will be one of the busiest ever and we can’t wait!

So to get started, first things first.  As with any indoor project, a little clean up seems to go a long way to making the work go better.  First thing to tackle:  basement cobwebs!!






Once that was done, it was time for some treasure hunting.  This reminded me of panning for gold, except that the pan was an old hand-made heat vent…


And the “gold” we found was treasure of another sort.  A medicine bottle for sinus problems.  Main ingredients:  belladona, atropine and scopolamine.  As a nurse, I can tell you, if that didn’t clear up your sinuses, nothing would.

A softball, era unknown.


And most interesting of all, could this be the clapper to the long-lost schoolhouse bell?

This weekend will bring more changes, as we will be updating some beam work.  Stay tuned!

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