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Month: November 2014

Send me your ideas!

So now that winter has officially set in – over a foot of snow blanketed the school on Monday – it’s time to start dreaming.  I’ve got too many ideas – so of course the answer to solve that is to ask for more.

What do you think??  Kitchen in the front?  The back?  One bed or two?  Bathrooms?  I prefer at least one of those, please.

Post comments to this post – don’t worry if they disappear for awhile, that’s just my spam checker working hard to keep the site clean.  Once I review it, it will show up.  Or just email me directly at

Whaddya win?  Well, I wish I could offer a fabulous prize like the TV shows do, but all I can offer is credit and kudos and thanks and bragging rights.  Perhaps a weekend at the school (I will try not to put you to work, too much).  Kevin makes an awesome breakfast – that’s worth it right there!


Up and Down

Up.   The steel posts went in, and the floor went up (a scoatch).

1102141021bUp.  Anti-bat boards went up in the front stoop.

1102141136 (2)Down. To protect it from the cold north winds, brought down the flag for the winter.

1102141056 (2)

One final up.  I saw Eagles in the trees – captured 2 here, can you see them?

1025141046Are we done for the season, oh no.  But it was time to wrap UP the schoolhouse in a warm coat and batten down the hatches.  Snow will be flying soon and all work will have to move indoors.

If the updates slow down over this season, don’t despair, we’re just hunkering down to our studies and saving up for more work next spring.  Next week, look for a call for ideas for the layout of the interior – I’m in search of awesome ideas.

See you soon back around the campfire!

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