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Month: April 2016

Boxes and Bugs

So the task of the weekend was to build a ‘wall’ around our makeshift toilet in the school, just to give a sense of privacy.  Taking a realistic look at our rather open air concept, I concede that PERHAPS something simple from some plywood boards and some left over 2×4’s might be a nice improvement while we are figuring out the final bathroom location.

Open air bathroom

But there is a saying around here that anything worth doing is worth doing right (or overdoing, depending on who you ask).  I’ll leave it to be said that one of us is not only handy with tools, but is also very creative.  I call this latest piece of artwork “Heated Box”.

Heated Box

(OK, so really I think it’s genius, because he has put a little heater in there and completely enclosed it and added a timer so it’s warm in the mornings when  you, um, really like it to be warm, and I am proud of his creativity and willingness to put everything into it, and a little jealous that I didn’t think of it).

Beyond The BOX, we seem to have won the war with the racoons (or is it a tactic for us to let down our guard??).  No sign of large animals in the school yet this spring with the exception of our own muddy footed varieties Muddy tracks.  Small ones however, are a different matter.  This was moments after sweeping the asian beetles off the threshhold….










Also concerning bugs…note to self:  when moving rocks, ensure the bottom half isn’t covered with ants before hugging the rock to yourself.

And we’re off!

Finally!  Spring is here, warm weather and sunshine!  Open the doors and let the sunshine in!

Open House

We are so happy to be back and settling in.  I love the look of a busy schoolhouse.

Busy schoolhouse

So you would think that being so gung-ho to be back, we would have gotten TONS done, and maybe we did, but it wasn’t work on the school.  It seems there are a million things to do before all the things that we need to do.  But it’s not all bad, by any means.  We have time for the schoolhouse.  Until then, there was a camper to set up, complete with water leak repair. …

Camper repair








There were frogs in the vernal pond to hunt (this is a specialty of Boo’s, although I see at the local restaurant that frogs legs go for a pretty penny. Hmm, I wonder if I can get her to find some more?)

Frog hunting





And we had to take a little time for some R&R in the new hammock, skillfully hung thanks to Grace’s exceptional knot tying skills….Hammock Time


Lastly, in a strange but happy coincidence, Kevin has found work at Bass Lake Lumber just up the road from the schoolhouse.  In odd coincidence, it is housed in an old schoolhouse, which was also called Bass Lake School!  How is that for fate?  He is so excited to be here full time and get to meet more and more of our new neighbors.  Stop in and say hello (and pick up that new hammer you’ve been wanting.)  I think he is feeling right at home and is ready to start exploring the byways after work, judging from the ride that showed up at school.

School and Bike



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