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Month: June 2016

Nailed It!

You know those posts on Pinterest or Facebook that shows the coolest thing, and then next to it is the picture of how it really turned out?  Usually it’s accompanied by the phrase ‘Nailed It!’.  I’ve now experienced one of those moments.  Here is the beautiful work someone did on the outside of the school.  Note the smooth, curved line, the beautiful color that only resides on the grout and not on the brick. good tuckpointing

Aaaannnnddd….here’s my first attempt.  Ug.  not so much

I would like to mention that there is a reason I was practicing on the inside, where there will eventually be a door or be covered in insulation.  No one but you and I  ever need to know about this little incident.

BUT:  if you happen to know a tuckpointer in the area who might give me some insight on where I have gone so disastrously wrong PLEASE have him drop by!  I need help!

Meanwhile (while not making a huge mess) we stopped to enjoy a parade in town and saw our River Road Ramble represented.  Everyone come out to see us in September.  RRR float








Last thing for today – there are monsters in the woods!  Or at least giant wooden dogs!  What else is out there – is Bigfoot next???

Wooden dog

Another brick (outta) the wall

Work this week was simple.  Climb up scaffolding. Chisel brick mortar. Place brick in bucket. Repeat until bucket is full.  Repeat until 4 buckets are full. Climb down scaffolding. Lift buckets down and carry outside. Stack bricks outside. Rest. Repeat.  Only 18 trips this way, and halfway done!

Chimney 1Chimney 2Chimney 3Chimney 4Chimney 5Chimney 6Chimney 7

I all went smooth until I dropped the chisel down the flue.  Then it was down to the basement to bust my way in and find it.

Chimney basement

Turns out, it’s a good thing we decided to remove the chimney…the bricks at the floor level have disintegrated to powder – it was just a matter of time before it all came sliding down.  Had I known that earlier, I might have saved myself some work today…..


End of weekend, drove around aimlessly, found another lost school.  Cool sign.

Trap Rock School

Back to Class!

Although it’s all fun and games, at some point, you gotta get back to work.  The long weekend was the perfect time to get started.  The weekend started with a load of lumber that arrived before I did, courtesy of Bass Lake Lumber.  Hmm, this looks like a project and a half~ First question of the school year:  What can 1 man, 1 woman, and 1 chipmunk do with these supplies?Lumber delivery









Cut a hole in the floor, of course! Hole in floor

For those of you that may recognize the corner, this is (was) where the stairs to the basement were located.  Those stairs were functional, but oh, so steep.  We kept some of the treads that were worn from so many steps up and down.  Maybe make a coffee table?

Fortunately, we had more supplies than we knew we needed.  Even our chipmunk workforce pitched in – leaving us an acorn in the box of screws. Screws and acorns

Anyway, we put in new stairs that are a lot more comfortable to go up and down.  Once these are in, we can decide what the next steps might be (pun intended, slightly)

New stairs

Next subject: the schoolyard. The excellent weather was perfect for being outside, but the grass and weeds are truly outdoing themselves. But speaking of outdoing themselves, some of us were less motivated than others.  I had to mow around her! She gets an F for Failure to Complete the Assignment.

Unmotivated Beagle

She wasn’t only animal in the forest to visit.  This little guy stopped by for a look.  I’m assuming he came by to see if summer school was in session.  I think I have a new teachers pet.

Baby Deer

Pop quiz:  How many tools – power or not – can I maim, disable, or destroy in 1 weekend?  For the record, this was not my fault….Rake








And for the last remaining task, solve this word problem.  Farmer George planted a field.  Last year he planted beans.  The year before, he also planted beans.  What did Farmer George plant this year?


Answer:  Corn!  Hooray for beautiful, beautiful corn!  

(No, I’m not afraid to be corny, why do you ask?)

Pun intended 🙂


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