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Month: December 2018

Merry Christmas to All!

Sometimes it seems all the posts are about work – but sometimes it’s important to stop and just take in the season, and be grateful for all the good things. Some of my favorites (so far) have been…

EggnoG!! My family knows my love of this drink of the gods. I savor every last drop. This was the first glass of the season. The broken rim isn’t some metaphor, just the end of a good run for my up-cycled cup.

Sometimes you just need a hug and a protector. Boo spent quality time protecting Jax from scary construction noise.

Dinner, family, friends, food (did I cover that?), cards and laughs. It all started here.

Which clearly led to dogs in hats….

To be finished up with another glorious meal with family and friends here! We are blessed (if stuffed).

Topping it off, literally, a little holiday movie played all season in the bell tower – here’s a still…unfortunately, tech support is off today, so I can’t make it run!

From us to you, a very Merry Christmas! the Schoolmasters at Bass Lake School.


We’re Back!  After a pause to let our bank account catch up with our plans, we are back to making progress at the school.  I hinted last time that those random boxes were part of the next steps, and yes they were, in a great way!

While the kids back when would probably have been happy with indoor plumbing and losing the his & her outhouses, we weren’t quite satisfied with that.  So we carved out a bit of space at the back of the school for a little bathroom.

shower knee wall

We allowed ourselves a little creativity with the back wall tile and fancy-schmancy showerhead (available at your local Menards!).  Not exactly historical in style, but I think it’s pretty cool anyway.

shower heads and new tile

The cement tile is something I hope any good schoolteacher would have appreciated, with it’s solid geometry and ordered lines.

geometric tile

We have yet to pick the paint.  My first thoughts led me to a clear, simple white, but lately I’ve had visions of blue.  Playing with some options…

Tile wasn’t the only thing we worked on.  Really, one of the most exciting things that happened was this…


A door?  A window? It may not look all that exciting to you, but what this represents is THE LAST WINDOW to be installed!!!  Can I get a Hip Hip Hooray!!!

And in a team update, Chicago the Cat has become the bubble wrap tester.  He reports that it makes an excellent nap spot. Jax remains unconvinced.

bubble wrap

Coming up soon – drywall. 

Until next time!

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