The rebirth of a country school

Month: July 2018

The Countdown Begins

Like every good schoolhouse, we now have a chalkboard to keep track of our lessons.  Or in our case, our assignment list.

These are the ‘we should get these things done before winter’ assignments.  I really, REALLY want to get all these done before winter.  The nice part is, if we don’t, there is always next year – which gives us more time and more chance to save up.  Anyone out there want to come over for a bell tower raising? (OK, well, more specifically it will involve standing on tall ladders with the opportunity to install windows 20 ft in the air and dodge the stray remaining bat, but doesn’t bell tower raising sound fun?)

That being said – we are suddenly charging full speed ahead.  Despite how desperate the windows-left-to-do situation looks on the chalkboard, we are halfway done with the east side.  They are looking great!  





Some of the sills are more challenging than others.  We had to employ gravity as our friend on this one to get it to come out of it’s shell.   Perhaps not a traditional or accepted way, but it came out.  (I won’t talk about the liberal use of WD-40 and Pam cooking spray – that’s a topic for another day in construction.









Meanwhile outside, we created a firepit bouquet (because I was too lazy to cut them up first),and Grace spruced up the sign – a much needed improvement!









Next Time:  Stay tuned for the re-opening of the bell tower.  What’s up there?  What will come down?  How bad will it smell…. till next time!


It was bound to happen, and one night it did, just like the song.  A bear has found his (her?) way to the schoolhouse.  I’m calling him a him, although he has the appetite of a bird.  At first it was just the one big feeder, and each night he would break one more spindle on the crook.  Then one night he completely bent the pole, for easier access I guess.  We were sleeping in the camper and Kevin spotted him about 3:45am.  Big and bulky, and loving him some birdseed.  I also want to note, after he knocked one tube down, he wandered over to the pine trees.  For awhile there (it was dark) we thought we answered the age old question about bears and the woods, but turns out he was only emptying the bird feeder tube like a pixie stix.

But back inside, we are doing some fun stuff.  We took several of the old pictures and compared the window trim, then tried to duplicate it as best we could on the first of the windows.  I think it’s looking real close! 




As I was working on the trim, we got a surprise visit from neighbor John and family from down by the lake.  It was so fun to talk about the history of the school and our plans for it.  Stop by anytime, y’all!

On a final note, I usually don’t promote any specific products on here, but I have to say something about this one because it makes me chuckle.  It used to mask the window glass, peels off when you’re done.  But it’s the name that makes me grin.   

Happy 4th of July to you all!


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