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Month: May 2016


As thoughts turn to what we are going to do this year with the schoolhouse, they also turn to …


So we’re spending a little time goofing off – hey, the schoolmasters have to have a little fun too!  We’ll be back in a week or so, and off and running.  I may add some more pics of schoolhouses around the area to the other page here, so browse that while you wait for your turn at the merry-go-round.

Inching into Spring

This week was a planning week (plus, wonderful time spent enjoying a visit from Janelle’s parents – soon to be locals – playing cards and talking about future plans).  So we sampled the good life a bit.  Here’s some highlights….

Found an arrowhead!

Arrowhead   Perhaps it’s from the world’s largest Indian ?!  Arrowhead closer









The dogs found a tree that just plain got tired.

Tired tree

With many thanks to the parents – we upsized the firepit.  Can you imagine the marshmallows we can make with this!  bigger firepit





Stopped for one of the finer pleasures – strawberry ice cream from the dairy (I hear angels singing at this point)

Strawberry ice cream









But the highlight of the weekend actually happened on Monday – the Good Farmer has prepped the field!!  Beans? Corn?  Only the farmer knows!  Can’t wait to see!

Plowed field

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