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Month: November 2017

Happy Holidays

Ah, the smell of roasting turkey and stuffing, pumpkin pies and all the goodies of the season. Fortunately for us, mom and dad put on a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner, as the accommodations in the basement are a little tight yet for hosting large groups. Ever try cooking a 20 pound turkey in a toaster oven? Me neither, and this wasn’t the year to start.





We did get to host visitors at the school for the holiday, a first for us. Grace was here for the whole weekend, and among other activities, helped G&G pick out a Christmas tree..


Our tree at the school is a bit more diminutive…we will have to give only small gifts this year to make sure they fit.  I think this is a great first tree – sure to only get bigger from here.


And the California cousins stopped by to take a tour as well. I think they were impressed by our high-class living accommodations.  Except for this picture, they generally bundled up well and kept warm (and then, like true Wisconsin-ites, we went and ate ice cream at the dairy).



The cousins also got to learn new skills, such as four-wheeling and log splitting. Future lumberjacks? 






A great surprise was Farmer George stopping by with a gift from him and Marsha with the perfect holiday / welcome to the neighborhood / Happy Husker Schoolhouse themed gift. We love our neighbors.


Check out our new schoolhouse mugs! These will be to go-to mugs for our future visitors.






And we notched up our Christmas lights on the school from last year. This year we are featuring the bell tower (although I suspect it looks somewhat like a rocketship).

Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to a Merry Christmas for you all!

It’s a Good Year, if it Snows by November

…especially if it happens before my birthday; that’s what I’ve always said. So along those lines, it was a good year.  A year of firsts, for sure, including being able to gaze out the window at the snow without having to go out in it first.









And speaking of birthdays, I came home from a long business trip – you know the usual big celebrity stuff…book signings, paparazzi, glamorous events – no wait, that was just the crazy dream I had the night before, it was just a business trip – anyway, coming home I had cause for alarm.  Looking up as I walked in, it appeared we had an infiltration of yellow snow.  Or maybe the Blob?  Best case, someone had filled the attic with vanilla pudding. 

Further inspection seemed to confirm my theory of vanilla pudding….








With a closer look, I found it was hard as a rock, and an excellent application of spray foam.  We’re confident this will serve a few purposes….heat retention, for sure, but also as a deterrent for the chipmunks and mice that thought the attic – now cleared of raccoons – would be an excellent winter home.

As a bonus to the attic work, we were able to unearth the old pulley for the bell.  NEAT!  We will definitely be re-using this. 








Since it’s still a snowy / rainy / cold mess out there, I think the rest of today will be focused on some important in-house projects.  I’m thinking baking blueberry muffins, Netflix, laundry.  I’m not sure this is how the students of old spent their days here, but I argue it’s an acceptable improvement.

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