Our first impressions, pics from the beginning.

Here are a few pics from our first look at the schoolhouse. The kitchen was full of great furniture from the 50’s and 60’s, some earlier some later, and tons of dishes.  Even the pantry was still stocked…. Kitchen

Some of the walls still have the original chalk boards and eraser holders…


and a solid washing system, if you don’t mind doing it outside.

Washer and dryer

Up above the dropped ceiling, we found the original tin tiles.  Can’t wait to get the faux ceiling out of there and see it all.

Tin ceilings

Janelle currently resides in 'the country', WI. She grew up in Gothenburg, NE and spent several years on the move with the Army, then to Omaha and MN. She works for a medical health information publisher in her regular time and spends her free time imagining the next project at the School.

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  1. Thanks! It is going to be a great project, lots of fun, lots of hard work. It’s amazing to see the progress, but also to learn about who has been there before us through the things we find inside. Oh, the stories this place could tell!

  2. This is amazing!! What a find! I can’t wait to see the progress you make. Oh how I’d love to be in your shoes!!

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