A visit from the family

This weekend we had a great event – Sandra, the previous owner and the daughter and granddaughter of the original owners came to visit.  She brought her family with her and we had a great time.

As soon as they walked into the school, they were reminded (by smell!) of the time Grandpa stored oats in the school.  We sorted through old documents and pictures, and took a grand tour through the woods.  Sandra had so many great memories of the trails and plants and bushes that are there.  I was amazed to learn of blackberries and apple trees that just need uncovering, and determined to return some of those like plum, chokecherries and raspberries that have gone wild.  A few others we found I think I’ll try to avoid for awhile….0614141520

She led me to a very special spot where long ago a heart was carved into a tree trunk by her sweetheart.  She urged us to add our initials to it as part of the ‘new’ history of the school.  Sandra is a vital part of the history of our school in the past, and I hope she continues to be a part of it long into our future!



Janelle currently resides in 'the country', WI. She grew up in Gothenburg, NE and spent several years on the move with the Army, then to Omaha and MN. She works for a medical health information publisher in her regular time and spends her free time imagining the next project at the School.

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