The school starts to speak.

Many a time we have said “if only these walls could talk.”  On Saturday, they did.

The plan of the day was to shore up the bell tower, starting with the foundation.  Earlier in the week we got the concrete in for the footings, with a little left over to plug the hole around the drain pipe.


To that, we added a ‘little’ beam across one of the main floor supports…

1025141422a and then smaller temporary supports on some of the other cross structures.

It ended up looking a little like a small jail in the basement.1025141422But about the schoolhouse speaking?  With each beam and support we put in, the school gave a slight moan, a groan, perhaps a sigh of relief?  Like a tired old lady with bad knees, she spoke to us.  She said -oh, Thank you!!!  Ahh, that feels fabulous.  What a stretch! (I’m sure I heard all of these in those odd creakings and crackings).

By the end of the day, someone else was speaking -Boo said it was time to go, the shadows were long, and we had made good progress, so off we went, anxious to come back and hear more stories.1025140953a



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