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So now that winter has officially set in – over a foot of snow blanketed the school on Monday – it’s time to start dreaming.  I’ve got too many ideas – so of course the answer to solve that is to ask for more.

What do you think??  Kitchen in the front?  The back?  One bed or two?  Bathrooms?  I prefer at least one of those, please.

Post comments to this post – don’t worry if they disappear for awhile, that’s just my spam checker working hard to keep the site clean.  Once I review it, it will show up.  Or just email me directly at

Whaddya win?  Well, I wish I could offer a fabulous prize like the TV shows do, but all I can offer is credit and kudos and thanks and bragging rights.  Perhaps a weekend at the school (I will try not to put you to work, too much).  Kevin makes an awesome breakfast – that’s worth it right there!


2 thoughts on “Send me your ideas!

  1. jsamuelson Post author

    Thanks so much, we really do love it! I can see what you’re saying about seeing what’s going on. We already spend much of our time sitting on the front steps watching the world go by. We love it when our neighbors stop by, or the farmer is working in the field across the road. I will definitely put this in my considerations. The kitchen is probably my most variable decision right now…in my mind it keeps moving and reconfiguring itself. I can’t wait to live up there permanently!

  2. Aunt Bev

    Hi guys. I am so excited about your school house and so proud of the community spirit and good will you are spreading. What fun.

    I have lived in lots of “country houses” and some like this one on the Old National Road and some lost in the woods. I think the one thing I have learned for me is that even though it seems more practical to put the kitchen in the back for garbage and hauling etc, we spend almost more time in the kitchen than the living room and its fun to see some forms of life and who is driving past etc. You probably remember how grandma and grandpa spent so much time at the kitchen table watching the road. If you plan to live there when you are old it might be food for thought.

    If you do get to live there when you are old— I am just plain jealous.
    Love and good luck
    Aunt Bev

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