A Monumental Day

Despite it being a rainy week and a complete rain out last Saturday and Sunday, and spotty showers this weekend, there was progress made.  And oh, what progress!

Upstairs, we cleared one half of the school of all our stuff and laid down a new underlayment over the oak boards.  This will provide a nice smooth surface when we reinstall the original flooring, and also serves as a nice grime catcher so we don’t leak dust and debris from the eventual roof replacement down to the basement.

And speaking of basements, what a change there.  With the concrete in and curing, next was some framing for a bathroom and mechanicals room, and insulation.  It looks like a snug blanket (and as a bonus, the baby garner snakes that keep sneaking in from somewhere are going to have to find another place to hang out).






On top of that,  check out this magnificent piece!

  The camper fridge is fantastic, but this is a work of art (OK, maybe it’s an $80 Craigslist find, but to me it’s beautiful).  Think of all the bee…er….I mean SALAD that thing can hold!  At the very least, it redefines the distance traveled when someone declares ‘Beer run!’.

And the piece that made it a monumental weekend, we have made the big move to the school. As much as we’ve appreciated the place to live provided by mom and dad these last months, there is something exciting to finally being on-site, 100% of the time.  Even though most of our stuff is still in storage, just being here is so fulfilling – something we’ve been waiting for a long time.Time to just put up our feet, watch the fire and the rain, and take a moment to relax.

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