A New Vocabulary List

As the summer progresses, so does our schoolwork (although I’ve been a bit lax in turning in my homework assignents here – I promise to do better!)  The whole month of June was spent settling into our new surroundings, getting Kevin’s new business up and running and reconnecting with family and friends.  Not a bad way to spend a month.

But I digress….back to the new vocabulary list.  For mid-summer enrichment, I want to add some new words to our repertoire. Here we go…

“Closet”.  This may be a new use for an old word.  Now, closet means any place that clothes can rest and stay relatively un-dusty.

“Cat couch”.  This is truly any horizontal, relatively smooth surface in the school.  He doesn’t care.

“Flooring”.  Previously, this meant carpet, tile, or hardwood.  In our reality, it can consist of plywood or paper (or dust).









“Kitchen sink”   Thanks to a great friend (thanks VAL!!), our kitchen will highlight this beautiful sink and retain some local history.

Here’s one for the more advance grades….”Matches”.  Yes, they may look like logs, but we call them matches here, because we put one in the fire pit before bed, and in the morning we can just throw a couple sticks on it, and the fire starts right up.





“Living Room”.  This is more open air than any other room in the house, but the cornfield and firepit view can’t be beat. 

With the fireworks fourth coming up, we are missing our Grace to light them off, but are looking forward to her smiling face joining us soon. Fireworks pics and big changes in the school coming up soon!

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