The Beams are In!!

I wanted to name this post off something catchy like “Beam Me Up!” or “BRD – Beam Raising Day’, but I am just so excited about finally getting them up after talking about them for so long, I took the straightforward route.  Long story short, we went from this…

to this!        


Of course, no friend or family is safe from being recruited when it comes to weekend warrior projects of this magnitude.  We talked Mom and Dad and buddy Paul, who are all trying to be retired in some fashion or another, into helping us raise the beams.  Everyone had a job – Dad and I cranked the lifts, Mom was in charge of getting the shims in, and Kevin and Paul up on the plank guiding it into place and securing it there.  All for the price of brats on the grill and some cole slaw!

That wasn’t all we did.  The west wall is now framed. Once they all look like this, we can start thinking about regular house things like electric and insulation.  Do you like the view out my windows?





In the on-going war against the chipmunks, I think we are one up.  One little guy kept burrowing his way in the well access.  So I poured a bit of leftover grout in there…let’s see him chew through that!  He’s gonna need a Chipmunk dentist!









And as a reward, the camper cook (named Kevin) cooked us up a batch of Sunday pancakes with hand-picked blueberries.  Definitely a keeper (Kevin too)!



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