Late Homework

OK, so I’m a bit tardy on a new post – seeing that it was still snowing heavily on my last one. To my defense, it is now 1 week til Memorial Day and it just snowed 2 days ago, I can’t be that late, can I? My apologies! I promise to write “I will post more regularly.” 100 times on the blackboard, once we get it put back up.

Fortunately, you haven’t missed too much. It’s been a cold spring, so I’ve spent a lot of time hunkered down with a book and a blanket. One of the biggest changes has been a little lumberjack work in the back yard. There was this beauty, presiding many many feet over the schoolhouse.

But inside, she just wasn’t all there.

hollow stump

So, when Kevin was hiring some tree work done for a job, we decided to get some done for us as well. It’s amazing what 1 man and his young son can do with just a chainsaw and some pulleys! I feel a lot safer, but will miss the grand old tree.

Fortunately, again, Mother’s Day came along and with it 1 new tree to start rebuilding. This one is a beauty!

Maple tree

And last but not least, Little Richard joined our class. She will augment Chicago in keeping the critters on the outside of the school when she’s bigger.

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