Someone Smashed My SheShed!

Well, OK, maybe it was a tree, and maybe the SheShed was just an old outbuilding that I was thinking about converting to a chicken coop, but still! Can you even see it under all those leaves?

Last Friday a whopper of a storm came through with 80+ mph winds. I was super glad we took the tree down behind the school this spring. The one in the far corner of the schoolhouse yard was not so lucky. It was a big-un!

We even saw the effects of the storm inside the school, For about a half hour, water was pouring down this support beam and electric wiring. That can’t be good, can it?

So the last week has been spent doing storm clean-up. It is looking a lot better, but we had to bring in the bug-eating crew to do clean up after us.

Chicago the Cat was hired as job site supervisor, with mixed results.

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