Happy Thanksgiving, with all the Trimmings!

Honestly, I wanted to call this post “Happy Brown Friday”, but there were misgivings in the school about that title being misinterpreted. So trimmings it is. After kicking off the holiday weekend and Mom and Dad’s, eating waaayy too much, and decorating the school for the season, we dedicated the rest of the weekend to window trimming.

Once upon a time, we started with an almost blank canvas. Bits and pieces of the original woodwork remained, but a lot had disappeared across the years. Working off designs based on the original black and white pictures, we have restored the look of the windows as they were 100 years ago – or at least as close as we could come. What do you think?

The process isn’t quick: sand – putty – sand – stain – poly – sand – poly – sand – clear poly. Thus my original proposed title of Brown Friday…

We dedicated our weekend to not going out, not driving, just focusing on the school. With the first big blizzard of the season upon us, it seemed like a great idea. However, instead of avoiding traffic, it came to us in the form of a random neighbor in our ditch.

Fortunately, Kevin was able to pull him out no problem. As for other neighbors, we were once again thankful for Shane coming up to bobcat out our driveway. My efforts with the 4-wheeler were OK, but not up to snuff against the 6″ of wet heavy snow.

What’s next – once I tackle the rest of the windows (at this point I think poly has no end) I’m thinking the bell tower is due for a little love. Now, current thought is white up there, but should we be thinking outside of the box (or bell tower)? Pink? Purple? Husker red?

1 thought on “Happy Thanksgiving, with all the Trimmings!

  1. Roger Lohr

    Janelle, you two certainly have a labor of love. The results are wonderful, with more still to come. Continue to enjoy!

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